The Importance of LinkedIn Recommendations

linkedin profileHaving good recommendations appear on your LinkedIn profile is so important in today’s world of online recruitment. Endorsements from your former colleagues are an extremely effective selling tool, particularly if you are job hunting.

Asking for a recommendation from a relevant colleague or business manager is considered the norm on LinkedIn, so there’s no need to feel awkward.

The main objective of a LinkedIn recommendation is that someone feels strongly enough about you to provide you with a written testimonial. What’s the worst that could happen? If you were to receive negative comments, take the information on board for personal evaluation. There’s no rule that says you must post negative feedback about yourself!

Recommending others on LinkedIn…

On the flipside of receiving recommendations, is, in turn, providing endorsements for your colleagues. Whilst it is essential that you gather the best testimonials for your own profile, it is equally important that you give honest recommendations about others. Remember that your profile and reputation will be associated with the recommendations you make.

Changing Your Mind

Whilst it is always a good idea to think long and hard before committing to a recommendation, it is never too late to change your mind! A colleague that you once well-respected, may now have a different perspective on work, and your positive recommendation may no longer be applicable.  The good news is that removing your recommendation is possible, and transparent. The recipient will not be notified if you withdraw your recommendation. It is simply removed from their profile.

To withdraw a recommendation:

•    Position your cursor over Profile at the top of your home page.
•    Click Recommendations.
•    Click the Sent Recommendations tab.
•    Click Edit next to the recommendation.
•    Click the Withdraw this recommendation link under the member’s name.
•    Click Confirm.

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