Executive Women Australia Seeking New Members

linkedin profileLinkedIn Has 3 Million Aussie Members, Executive Women Australia has 5000+ and wants more…

Since its inception in 2003, LinkedIn has quickly grown to be the largest, professional networking site worldwide, now boasting 150 million members globally (as of February 2012), with 3 million members in Australia alone.


According to Clifford Rosenberg, Managing Director for LinkedIn in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, “this milestone is significant for LinkedIn, as it demonstrates that professional networking online is becoming an essential part of professional life for Australians. We estimate there are around 4.8 million professionals in Australia, which means over 60 percent of Australia’s professional population is now on LinkedIn.”

Following in its footsteps is the professional networking group Executive Women Australia. Currently, only 8% of the executive workforce in Australia is made up of women, with 4.1% as line managers.

And with I.T., Financial Services and Accounting being the top three industry sectors represented on LinkedIn (and the top three companies represented by employees being Telstra, NAB and CBA). Given the above statistics, one wonders, how many of these people are women in senior positions.

Executive Women Australia is keen to change the current trend of the decline of women in senior management in Australia. They now have 5000+ members and are seeking to expand their membership dramatically.

With a strong presence on LinkedIn, Executive Women Australia is inviting new members, who wish to build their profiles and make considerable headway in the Australian business world, to join their network.

Born out of the Corporate Responsibility Network Australia (CORNA), Executive Women Australia is a professional network for Australian women in executive roles. The goal of CORNA and EWA is to inspire, motivate and provide women with useful resources so that they can further their careers, build stronger businesses, and increase the status and volume of executive women across the nation.

Through this group, businesswomen are given the opportunity to engage in career-focused consultations, attend professional conferences, enhance their business practices and strategic approaches, and gain from being part of a multi-lateral corporate social responsibility organisation. Members are also invited to exclusive events, workshops and seminars, and to engage in mentorships, all of which work to develop a universal framework for sustainable business strategies and professional networking.

In addition to its 2012 expansion, Executive Women Australia is currently offering a half day ASX Corporate Governance Council Gender Reporting Readiness consultation, as well as a strategic leadership platform through which members can communicate their unique and diverse business solutions and showcase their innovative accomplishments in regards to business, the environment and the community.

This comes shorty after the ASX CGC’s release of its revised Principles and Recommendations, which have been significantly modified to encompass the much-needed change in the professional treatment of gender diversity in Australia.

With these council developments and the opportunities offered by Executive Women Australia, CORNA hopes to see a growing enthusiasm for the careers of women in the executive sphere, while giving its members the opportunity to leave their mark on Australia’s corporate responsibility arena, both now and in the future.

Do you know someone on LinkedIn who may benefit from joining Executive Women Australia’s (EWA) LinkedIn group? I encourage all executive women to join EWA and participate in their online LinkedIn discussions and networks.


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