Conducting Employer Research

employer researchIt’s incredible how conducting employer research before a job interview can increase your chances of success. I’ve spoken with so many employers who come away after an interview with mixed impressions of the candidate – they can see they’ve prepared their own case well, but didn’t seem to know anything about the company.

Particularly for executive and senior roles, company research is one of the most crucial steps in preparing for a job interview.

If you’ve previously had the benefit of my interview coaching, you know how important it is to familiarise yourself with your potential employer. It could mean the difference between landing the job or losing it to another candidate.

Got a job interview coming up? Here are my three most vital tips for researching potential employers:

1) Read, Read, Read  

Part of interviewing well is ‘knowing the company’. To do this, you’ll need to read. Well before the interview, set aside one to two hours to work your way through the company’s website and other online material. Acquaint yourself with their products and services, read their annual reports, media releases and news articles, and make an effort to understand their values and attitudes towards the wider industry.

2) Ask for Background Material

If the web is lacking in information, perhaps consider approaching your point of contact at the employer (or your recruiter), and politely requesting any company information. This will demonstrate your interest in the position and your desire to perform well in the interview. Ensure that you conduct your web research first, so you don’t ask for details that are readily available.

3) Know Your Interviewers

Do you know exactly who is interviewing you? What is their position in the company? Or how long have they been with the company? Knowing your interviewers is key to helping you feel comfortable. You can search Google or use tools like LinkedIn to find out information about the interviewing panel. Alternatively, if you have another contact in the company, consider leveraging off them too.

Still unsure about interview preparation?

My interview coaching packages at Resumes Australia can help you succeed in your job interviews and give you the tools and techniques to shape your future. Enquire about our consultations today!


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