LinkedIn Establishes New Group Search

linkedin group search“Are you looking for a job? Because I know someone … who knows someone …”

Sound familiar? It should! Like a professional resume, online networking has become one of the key tools in the employment arena. Rather than trawling through job sites or newspapers, many job candidates (not to mention employers and recruiters) are now focusing on digital networking to search for new jobs and advance their careers.

With LinkedIn’s New Group Search, finding a network of like-minded professionals to connect with in your industry has become easier.

Introduced only a few weeks ago, New Group Search allows you to conduct searches across the 1.2 million groups on LinkedIn, to help you find those that are relevant to your employment profile or your professional interests.

So what’s new about it, exactly? Previously, if a user conducted a group search, the search algorithm only sifted through the group titles and descriptions. Instead, New Group Search also adds in the best results based on how well your search matches online conversations. Furthermore, users can actually see, in the search results, if anyone from their current network is a part of their chosen group.

From a candidate’s point of view, LinkedIn’s improvement of the search tool is a positive one, giving users the ability to locate more groups and join more discussions, thereby enhancing their professional profile and connections.

This opens up a realm of possibilities for the job hunter and the opportunity to connect with many more relevant professionals. To put it simply, this is a chance to promote yourself to people in your industry who you might not have previously linked to, and it could potentially set the scene for showing them your professional resume.

New Group Search follows shortly on from the update to the ‘People You May know’ function, which was recently improved to produce more accurate networking suggestions for users, based on their employment history, education and current network.

So What’s Next?

Ensuring you have a professional resume will benefit you greatly. While LinkedIn is fantastic for networking and building your profile, most employers will still probably request a resume from you. Is your professional resume up to scratch?

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