How Twitter Can Increase Your Chances of Employment

First, it was all about Facebook and LinkedIn, and now Twitter has established itself on the social media scene as a strong employment search tool and a platform through which you can use to promote yourself and your online resume.

With 140 million users and 340 million tweets per day, Twitter is becoming a central hub for employers and recruiters to promote their vacant positions and locate outstanding candidates.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of Twitter is its networking capabilities.

Complementing your applications for jobs online, alongside hundreds of other applicants, Twitter gives you the chance to get up close and personal with employers, recruiters and HR managers – and other executives who can truly make a difference to your career.

Here are some of my tips to help you find employment opportunities via Twitter:

Follow Relevant People

One of the key ways to keep up with your industry and find a new job in your field is to follow and connect with relevant people. If possible, get them to follow you, too. Like many other networking sites, Twitter is also about “who you know.”

Tweet Your Industry

In the Twitter world, you are what you tweet. Write tweets that will attract potential employers. Ensure your tweets showcase unique thoughts and a sense of professionalism, which will contribute to your online persona. This will establish you as an expert in your field and enhance your credibility.

Refine Your Bio

Your Twitter bio appears directly below your profile name. You should make your bio as professional as possible – and include your current position.

If you can, review your professional resume and highlight any specific skills or achievements in your bio that you think will attract employers.

For instance, your job title might be, “Project Manager at Company X,” but you may also want to include something like “bringing successful ad campaigns to life” or “regular contributor to the Financial Review.” Any information that showcases your experience is highly valuable and will stand out in the eyes of potential employers. But remember your bio is limited to 160 characters.

Search Twitter Regularly

Twitter has several hashtags (#) you can use to search for job listings, such as #jobs, #recruiting, #jobsearch and #careers, to name a few. Combine your hashtags with more specific areas like #jobs #Sydney or #salesjobs #Canberra.

You can also search sites like and and connect with (or follow) those who are associated with any jobs you find. You may also find other users have started accounts for certain industries, such as @ITJobsSydney.

Share Links

Twitter is one of the biggest link-sharing platforms in the world and you can attract more followers by sharing relevant, up-to-date articles, comments and videos that pertain to your industry. Linking is also a great way to show your followers what you’re interested in – and how you feel about certain business issues.

Link to an Online Resume

Having your professional resume online is an effective and quick way to give employers more detailed information about your work history and expertise. A well-written resume is crucial in taking you to the next step with your Twitter contact.

Haven’t got an executive resume yet?

My resume writing and cover letter service can help you strategically customise your resume and introductory letter to emphasise your current strengths and capabilities to appeal to future employers.

Happy Tweeting!


kylie hammond

About Kylie Hammond
Executive Search Consultant, Head-Hunter, HR Consultant, Executive Career Coach, Expert Resume Writer & Executive Talent Agent.

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