Interview Follow Up Tips

interview coachingPerforming well in an interview is great, but following up after an interview is a crucial part of the job application process. Why? Because it can greatly improve your chances of success.

The employment sector is extremely competitive, especially in the final interview stages. If you’ve undertaken interview coaching, you know how vital it is to promote yourself professionally and enthusiastically. This needs to happen both before an interview, during an interview – and also after the interview is over.

So what techniques should you use to follow up after your interview? Here are three things that I highly recommend:

1. Thank You Notes

Thanking your interviewers is essential after an interview. Ensure that you follow up with a short, thank you letter, letting them know your appreciate their time and consideration. This can be done via email or post – though email is much more preferable these days. Send the note within 24 hours of your interview. Use the note to reinforce your suitability for the role and address any challenges or doubts that arose in the interview. Remember, to keep it brief.

If you’ve secured the interview through a recruitment agent, it’s best to send a thank you note to them as well.

2. Follow Up Phone Calls

At the end of your interview, the employer probably notified you of the company’s next steps in the interview process. However, if you have not heard any response from the company’s representative or your recruitment agent for some time, it’s acceptable to follow up with a phone call. You can do this with the recruiter or if appropriate, directly with the contact person at the employer.

Remain professional at all times and enquire about the progress of the position. Depending on whom you speak to, you can once again reiterate your interest in the role.

3. Maintain Rapport

Even if you are not successful in an interview, maintaining a good rapport after the interview is critical. If you’ve been liaising with a recruiter, you will need to continue your relationship with them, and demonstrate your eagerness for other roles they may have.  If appropriate, you may keep in contact with the potential employer.

Want to really improve your interview skills?

Interview coaching can boost your interview skills, increase your interview success rate, and brief you on how to effectively follow up after an interview. So why wait? Contact Resumes Australia today and start taking control of your career.

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