4 Tips That Will Transform Your Resume in 2013

resumeToday’s high-powered resumes are changing and evolving at a rapid pace. In order to stand out from the crowd, your resume needs to represent your leadership and tactical strengths in a way that is quickly readable, creatively presented and modern.

While there are still many traditional characteristics that work well in resumes, the explosion of new technology is rapidly re-shaping industry demands.

Forcing even the most experienced professionals to re-think the way they present themselves. To get the edge on your job search, here’s how I recommend sprucing up your resume for the year ahead:

1. Highlight Your Social Presence

Savvy job seekers are starting to communicate their unique selling points through social media. Social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter not only provide a way for potential employers to research your qualifications and experience, but also provide you with the opportunity to sell your achievements and reinforce the successes outlined on your resume.

Including links to your LinkedIn or Twitter profiles in your resume can help you come across as a candidate who is keeping up with technology and social media trends. This is even more crucial if your field of expertise exists within the digital industry. To use a social media profile to your advantage, however, you must keep it professional, up-to-date and relevant to your field of expertise.

2.Create Context For Your Skills and Successes

Resume writing is often a challenge in itself and it is important that your resume is not overly functional; a functional resume focuses heavily on skills, rather than emphasising the benefits that your skills can bring (functional resumes only are ideal for graduates, executives changing careers or those who have been out of the workforce for a long time).

When your resume outlines problems you’ve solved and challenges you’ve overcome, your career story and individual value instantly becomes more engaging. For example, you could mention a problem you have faced in the workplace, and what specific skills you utilised to fix the problem and how this brought value to the business.

These types of stories demonstrate how you approach problems and show decisive leadership skills that benefit the company as a whole, rather than simply listing skills and allowing the reader to surmise their own conclusions.

3. Rethink the ‘Objective’

Traditional resume writing techniques have always included an ‘objective’ line that states what your needs are as a job seeker. Objective lines are generally passé and out-dated in today’s recruitment world. Instead, use a headline that highlights the skills and abilities that you can offer to a company based on what you know they are looking for.

4. Flaunt What You’ve Got

If you are the type of executive who participates regularly in the online community, linking to examples of your work can be highly beneficial and can demonstrate to employers exactly the type of results and value you can lend to an organisation.

Personal branding videos, websites, blogs or official publications, for example, can be strong illustrations of the kind of work you do and can create high impact in conjunction with your resume. If you do choose to link to something online, you will need to ensure that it is entirely your work and that it is an exemplary representation of the talents you have to offer.

These tips will all put you on the cutting edge of hiring trends this year and will ensure that you market yourself in a powerful and engaging way. To learn more about Resumes Australia and our resume writing services, visit http://www.resumes-australia.com.au.

kylie hammond

About Kylie Hammond
Executive Search Consultant, Head-Hunter, HR Consultant, Executive Career Coach, Expert Resume Writer & Executive Talent Agent.

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