7 Leadership Qualities You Must Have On Your Resume

leadership qualityIf you are searching for senior and executive positions in the Australian marketplace, you will be familiar with how competitive the landscape is.
With networking platforms like LinkedIn bringing more executives, search consultants and head hunters together, executive positions are becoming more difficult to obtain – and your resume or CV must execute the right strategies and display the right leadership qualities in order to impress employers.

1. Global Expertise

As we continue to become a more globally focused society, expertise and knowledge at the global level is becoming a highly sought after skill, when it comes to senior positions. Seeing beyond the confines of the local or even the national market and into the international domain – alongside the ability to take businesses into this domain – is something every leader now needs to be able to demonstrate. Ensure that you highlight your global expertise, marketplace knowledge and international acumen on your resume.

2. Cross-Functionality

Organisations are not simply becoming more global, but are also looking for ways to become more efficient. Achieving more with less is a huge focus for many of today’s top companies. Cross-functionality is crucial in the business world and involves being able to lead not only in one area or at the highest level, but also across multiple sectors or functions within the business.

3. Innovation

For any leader, the capacity to drive change and growth is a given, but it’s still important to include on your resume. Great business leaders stand at the helm and turn the ship, but also decide where to go and what strategies are needed to get there. When it comes to resume writing, look for ways to emphasise how your innovative qualities have shaped products, services, business performance, people performance, marketplace success or even influenced and met broader industry demands.

4. Adaptability

All strong leaders understand that not everything is in their control. As much as they can take a company to new heights, being subject to industry fluctuations and trends is still part of an organisation’s everyday existence. While it is fine to claim you are an “adaptable” leader, it’s how you deal with these fluctuations and trends that will truly make your leadership skills stand out. In your resume, make sure you demonstrate how you maximised the opportunities brought on by industry trends and how you adapted to grow and succeed.

5. Technology-Driven

Technology can be the comforting pillar of a successful organisation. Being in touch with technology and up-to-date with its challenges is crucial for any contemporary leader. While in the old days it may have been acceptable to simply step back and rely on those under you to understand technology, technology today is becoming increasingly significant in all areas of business, from finance to marketing to finding new ways to grow within the given market.

Correspondingly, many more executives are embracing technology now more than ever; they are actively participating in online communities like LinkedIn and Twitter and they’re utilising everything from blogs to digital strategies to automated machinery in order to improve productivity and evolve the ways their business operates. Does your resume accurately reflect your grasp and understanding of the technology required in your industry?

6. Social Intelligence

Every business is about relationships, whether it is between managers and employees, executive and colleagues or leaders and customers. Social intelligence is often an underrated skill when it comes to describing yourself on a resume. Yet, no matter how great you are at innovating and problem solving or decision-making, you’ll never get your strategies off the ground without exceptional social intelligence and influential people skills. Real leaders don’t sit behind closed doors; they’re out on the floor, motivating, inspiring and enacting change. When resume writing, consider how your social intelligence has specifically impacted your career or advanced your leadership talents. Remember, leadership is about people, not about businesses.

7. Love the Hard Yards

The best leaders are firm, but fair. They are people drivers, yet they also know how to make tough decisions and they can agree to the necessary compromises without ruining relationships or hindering progress. As a leader, it’s vital that your resume shows how much you love the hard yards of running a business. Leaders who see hard times and difficult decisions as opportunities rather than setbacks or threats are more likely to capture the attention of employers. If your resume looks like you’ve had it easy over the past few years, revise and include details on how you’ve driven companies through tough times and emerged with a win on the other side.

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