Interview Coaching Tips Every Candidate Should Know

Interview coachingIt’s often the small things in life that count and when it comes to job interviews, those little things can contribute significantly to the first impression you make to an employer or search consultant.

If you’ve got an interview coming up, here are a few of my best interview coaching rules that I recommend every candidate should abide by:


1. Dress Professionally

Dressing well is important in job interviews and, as I explain to many of my interview coaching candidates, you should dress professionally and conservatively. Wearing your best corporate outfit (even if the role/company is not corporate) will ensure that you are well presented and that you are taking the interview process seriously. Make sure that your clothes are clean and fresh and that they are crinkle/crease free. Polished shoes that are free of scuff marks are essential too.

2. Be Punctual

Punctuality portrays professionalism; a lack of punctuality can give employers the impression that you are either disorganised or unreliable (or both) and that you aren’t serious enough about the role to show up on time. This can harm your application and blemish your professional character.

An overdue arrival also means that you risk rushing into the interview and being flustered, instead of being relaxed and confident. What’s the best solution here? Make sure you are organised and that you know exactly where the interview is taking place. Research the location, the transport and/or the parking and allow yourself ample time to get there. In general, you should aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

3. Fresh Scents

It might seem trivial, but bringing an unfavourable scent with you into an interview can distract interviewers and create an unfavourable impression.
• Make sure you are freshly showered before the interview (especially if it’s a hot day); don’t show up flustered and/or sweating
• Perfume or aftershave/cologne can be a lovely addition, but make sure it’s not overpowering
• If you are a smoker (or even if you are not), make sure your breath is clean and fresh; carry mints or chewing gum with you (but don’t chew these during the interview)
• If you are a smoker, avoid smoking before the interview

4. Bring A Notepad / Compendium

It is an extremely good idea to bring a notepad with you to your interview so that you can write down any significant information or questions. A notepad also shows the interviewer that you’re taking the process seriously and that you consider the information learned in the interview important. Making sure that your pen and notepad are professional is crucial too; don’t show up with a piece of paper torn from your notebook or a blunt pencil. A leather compendium is a great accessory and it can be worth investing in one, both for job interviews and meetings in general.

5. Conduct Research

There are dozens of resources available today that can help you learn about any business, showing up to an interview without knowing anything about the company will be detrimental to your case. Research demonstrates enthusiasm and drive and also gives you an insight into what the company does, how they operate and how your skills and talents can bring value to the table.

6. Turn Off Your Phone

There is nothing worse than a buzzing or ringing mobile phone in a job interview. Make sure your phone is turned off (or at least set to ‘silent’) before the interview commences and don’t play with your phone or check it during the interview. This makes you appear distracted and uninterested and can be seen as rude and disrespectful by the interviewer.

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