Tasks Job Seekers Should Do Each Week

Job seekerWhether you are between executive jobs or simply searching for your next corporate position, finding a job isn’t always easy.

Although you might be applying for roles each week, standing out from the crowd and securing an interview can be extremely competitive.


If you are having a challenging time getting noticed by employers and recruiters, my best advice is to open your mind, step outside of the box of traditional applications and expand your opportunities in other ways.

1. Expand Your Search

If you have simply been utilising one or two job sites to search for roles, it might be time to expand. Consider either changing the keywords you use in your searches (e.g. ‘project leader’ instead of ‘project manager’) or coming up with other ideas regarding where you can find vacancies. Social media site like LinkedIn and Twitter, for instance, are considered just as vital now for jobs seekers as are traditional websites like Seek and MyCareer.

2. Revise Your Resume

Let’s be clear: there is no point in revising your professional resume every week for the sake of it. However, you should be revising your resume to suit each position that you apply for. Every role and employer will have different qualities and criteria that they are looking for and your resume should be adapted to reflect the desired skills and talents the employer is after.

It’s also possible that there is much room for improvement in your resume in general. You might want to expand on your skills, include more achievements or simply add in new talents that you’ve acquired. If your resume is simply not attracting the right employers or recruiters, it may be time to seek advice from a professional resume writer.

3. Follow Up

Many job seekers make the mistake of simply sending off their resumes and then sitting back to wait. Although this might seem like a humble move, the reality is that recruiters and employers often receive dozens of resumes for one vacancy and don’t have time to contact every single person they hear from.

Following up with a phone call gives you the opportunity to begin building rapport with the hiring manager/consultant and shows them that you’re proactive and passionate about the job. If you don’t reach any success after this move, you might need to revisit your resume to see what’s going wrong.

4. Connect With Recruiters

Another way to expand your opportunities outside of online applications is to meet with recruitment agencies and search consultants who specialise in your industry.

For example, you might choose 1-2 new agencies to meet with each week. This can open up new avenues for both networking and employment and although appointments can be time consuming, they can pay off in the long run. Once you’ve met with a consultant, endeavour to stay in touch with them on a regular basis; this is as much about relationship building as it is about finding work.

5. Become a Social Butterfly

To give yourself the best chance of securing high level employment, it’s imperative that you spend some time each week networking. Networking can open doors to new opportunities and new employment and will benefit you significantly if done well.

Networking can take place online, via sites like LinkedIn or Twitter, or offline, by attending events or meeting with consultants, industry executives, old colleagues and even friends.

6. Strengthen Your Interview Skills

You never know when you might be asked to attend an interview. Consultants might simply be impressed by your resume or you could find that a casual chat with someone quickly leads to an opportunity for a formal interview. For this reason, you need to ensure that you are ready to make the most of any interview and that your interview approach is fresh, accurate and competitive.
Rehearsing answers and researching the company will help you refine your interview skills and secure your success for the next round. If you’re particularly anxious or if your next interview is especially important to you, interview coaching can help give you that competitive edge and can train you on what to say to meet employers expectations.

Resume writing and interview coaching are just two of the valuable services we offer at Resumes Australia. We specialise in assisting executives and candidates find employment in any industry and at any level, from graduate to manager to CEO.

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