LinkedIn’s Premium Job Seeker Accounts – Are They Worth It?

linkedin-premiumLinkedIn is a powerful professional networking website that provides a highly valuable service to job seekers, employers and those looking to make more business connections.

While users worldwide can join LinkedIn for free and create basic profiles, the site also provides a variety of extras under the option of a Job Seeker Premium LinkedIn Account.


1. InMail

LinkedIn InMail essentially allows you to contact users who aren’t connected to your network. The recipient of your InMail will be able to respond to you directly and will be able to view your profile, without needing to connect with you. This is ideal if you are looking for direct ways to contact employers or search consultants or if you have not had any luck contacting them via other means.

Various levels of Premium Accounts allow you to send a certain volume of InMails per month (for example, 5 per month for ‘Job Seeker’ accounts and 10 per month for ‘Job Seeker Plus’ accounts).

2. Featured Applicants

Featured applicants are premium members whose job applications move to the top of recruiter’s lists, appearing above other candidates who don’t have the privilege of a Premium Jobseeker Account. This increases your exposure and visibility in the eyes of the recruiter or HR manager, which can be a huge advantage.

However, you will need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is written exceptionally well and that it works to enhance your chances of securing an interview. If your profile is inadequate, you may find that being at the top simply means your application gets deleted sooner.

3. Ability to see who is viewing your profile

With a regular LinkedIn account, you can see who has viewed your profile recently, but you are only presented with a limited list. Upgrading to a paid account means you’ll be able to see a full list of who has viewed your information, with results broken down by industry, keyword searches and location.

While it doesn’t mean you should directly contact everyone who’s viewed your profile, it does however provide you with useful insights into whether your profile is attracting the right people in the right industries.

4. Premium Badges

Personal branding is becoming more important online and upgrading to a Job Seeker account allows you to create a personal ‘badge’ or icon that you can include on your profile. This makes your profile much more attractive, which can benefit you when trying to grab the attention of recruiters.

5. Job Seeker Groups & Webinars

Job Seeker Groups provide you with further opportunities to connect with others, while designated Webinars for Premium users mean that you can educate yourself on how to search and apply for jobs via LinkedIn.

So Is a Premium Job Seeker Account Worth It?

Premium accounts for Job Seekers range from $15-$50 per month and like all investments, it’s about getting out of it what you put in. If a Jobseeker account is going to be worth it, you’ll need to work proactively to make sure that you receive a return on your investment each month. Upgrading your LinkedIn account if you don’t plan to actively use the features may not be beneficial.

To learn more about paid Jobseeker accounts, visit LinkedIn. If you require help writing your LinkedIn Profile or your executive resume, Contact Resumes Australia Today.

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