Taking Advantage of Recruitment Trends for Job Seekers

TrendsTrends in the recruitment and HR industries not only affect search consultants and employers, but job seekers too.

If you are looking for executive employment, there are a range of trends shaping the job world this year that can provide you with new ideas and approaches for succeeding in your job search.


Growth Industries

If you are keen for an industry change with plenty of transferable skills to support you, consider focusing your efforts on finding employment in high growth industries. According to Randstad, industries such as education, healthcare, technology and mining/resources are all on the right track for the year ahead and are set to benefit from strong gains in future. On the other side of the coin, construction, tourism, hospitality and manufacturing may face serious struggles.

High Turnovers

Randstad also reported that many companies suffered last year due to high turnovers and the subsequent loss of staff knowledge. As a result, many organisations are now working on their perks and benefits, but are also looking for employees with valuable industry knowledge. Highlighting the industry wisdom you can bring to the table for an employer can give you a strong, competitive advantage. If you are confident about your talents, you can also leverage these to negotiate higher salaries or more perks before you accept an offer.

Leadership Opportunities

Executive and leadership change is also going to be a big trend over the coming year, which means lots of great career opportunities for young job seekers and corporate ladder climbers. If you are an up-and-coming executive job seeker, now may be the ideal time to jump up into a leadership or senior role. If you’re not quite at that level yet, you could consider taking on a middle-management position or applying for a promotion.

Social Media

One could argue that social media is now a ‘norm’ rather than a ‘trend,’ but either way, it will also affect executive job seekers significantly over the coming years, especially with more and more recruiters, employers and head hunters using social media to fill vacancies.

Profiles and activity on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can be highly beneficial. Job seekers and executives looking for employment this year should utilise social media to maximise their success and make new connections that could potentially lead to lucrative employment.
In addition, job seekers will need to ensure their profiles on social media sites are working to their advantage, as well as ensuring their professional resumes are up to scratch.

Temp & Contracting Work

Skills and talent shortages are also affecting many industries this year, with employers and consultants finding it more and more difficult to attract people to their organisations on a permanent basis. As such, companies may look to temporary and contract solutions in order to find the right, technical talent. For job seekers, this means opening your options and considering temp or contract roles could also be valuable.

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