Promoting Yourself at Career Expos

ExpoWhether you are starting out in your career, wanting to change industries or simply looking for ways to climb up that corporate ladder, career expos offer many opportunities. Attending a career expo is one of the most valued ways to find new employment, meet new executives and get in touch with potential employers.

Achieving success at these events is all about selling yourself, networking with the right people and setting the groundwork for future relationships.

Be Resume Ready

Your resume is one of the most important tools that will help you secure new employment. It is a good idea to bring several copies of your resume with you to any career expo – and make sure that you have too many, rather than too few.

You should also ensure that your resume is professional, expertly written and targeted to the kind of position/s you are looking for. It may even benefit you to have a few different versions of your resume to hand to different employers. If resume writing is not your strength, you should consider obtaining the services of an experienced resume writer.

Bringing along your portfolio or any other marketing materials you have can also help you stand out from the competition.

Know Your Targets

Career expos tend to showcase a multitude of organisations and businesses, all of which are looking to exhibit their worth and attract potential employees. As a job seeker, you will achieve much more success if you find out in advance which companies will be attending the expo and then create a shortlist of the companies you wish to target/visit.

The more you know about each of these businesses, the more you will be able to tailor your approach and master any conversations you have with company representatives. If you are currently looking for work, finding out about any specific vacancies that each company has can also be beneficial, but be wary of being too pushy about these.

Dress the Part

First impressions always make a significant difference when it comes to meeting employers, so if you are heading to a career event, make sure you dress appropriately. This is particularly important if you plan to target high-end corporate companies. Even if you don’t dress in full business attire, a smart-casual outfit will help present you professionally to potential employers.

Value Proposition

Industry events and career expos are often extremely busy places, meaning you may only have a minute or two to make a strong impression. Part of this process is making sure that you know exactly what to say to representatives and employers. Highlight your strengths, skills or talents and make sure they are relevant to the organisation. Rehearsing your value proposition beforehand can be extremely beneficial, as can formal interview coaching.

Know Your Goals

Finally, make sure that you understand what you want to get out of the career expo and what you want to achieve on a long term basis in your career. It’s fine to attend knowing that you want a job, but have you thought about what kind of job, what kind of organisation and what kind of people you want to work with?

Knowing both your long term and short term goals will allow you to devise a successful strategy for connecting with the right people and employers at the event, and if you factor your goals into your approaches and discussions, you will also create the impression that you are a forward-thinking candidate.

Need an outstanding resume? The expert resume writing team at Resumes Australia can produce specialist resumes for career events, expos or job applications, whether you are a graduate or a senior at the CEO level.


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