5 Myths About Search Consultants You Should Know

Search consultantSearch consultants and executive recruiters can be invaluable people to connect with over the course of your career.

They can deliver key opportunities to your door, provide advice on the industry in general and offer you precious insights when meeting with particular organisations and employers.
Yet there are many common myths surrounding Search Consultants and their roles within the recruitment industry.

What are these myths and how can you navigate around them to strengthen and solidify your Search Consultant relationships?

Myth #1: Search Consultants Work For Me

Many job seekers enter into a search consultant relationship under the assumption that they are the only person the search consultant is trying to find work for and that they deserve special attention or regular phone calls.

On the contrary, search consultants will often have many executives they are working with and are usually so busy networking with employers and leaders that they don’t have time to act like your personal assistant. Once you’ve met them, be patient with your search consultant; it can take time to develop opportunities and find the right role in the marketplace that is best suited to you.

Myth #2: Search Consultants Only Care About Their Clients

This is a common myth surrounding search consultants, since a consultant essentially works to fill an organisation’s vacancies. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that a search consultant’s interests are only one-sided.

Building strong relationships with both client companies and quality job seekers is the key to a search consultant’s success and matching the right executive with the right company is something they take very seriously. As a job seeker, they will be concerned about whether the role available is right for you and will want you, as well as the client, to gain much from the placement, both now and in future.

Myth #3: Search Consultants Read Every Resume

Many executives think that because Search Consultants work at such a top level, they pour their efforts into reading every resume that lands on their desk. This is not true.

Like any other agent in the recruitment and HR industries, Search Consultants are extremely busy people and they often don’t have time for hours of desk work; instead, they will simply scan and screen resumes quickly. For this reason, your executive resume must grab their attention quickly and it must highlight the talents, skills and experience you have to offer. Failing to do this will result in your resume being passed over.

If you are not confident about our resume, seek assistance from a qualified resume writer who has experience writing for senior level positions.

Myth #4: Search Consultants Don’t Check Resume Details

If you think a search consultant simply acts as a middle man and flicks your resume over to the employer once they’ve read it, think again.

Search consultants will conduct thorough research into a candidate’s background, scrutinising their skills, salary and other qualifications before recommending them for a position. When they send your application through to an employer, it is also their reputation, as well as yours, that is on the line.

For this reason, being honest on your resume is essential, no matter who you are applying for a job with. Exaggerating your experience, skills or salary is not a smart move and it’s likely a search consultant will uncover your lies or embellishments quickly.

Myth #5: Search Consultants Are Lazy

This couldn’t be further from the truth. However, I have had some candidates approach me with the impression that Search Consultants are lazy or self-serving simply because they don’t return phone calls or respond to emails.

What executives need to keep in mind is that search consultants are extremely busy, with a multitude of meetings, interviews and networking to be conducted each day, plenty of which also takes place out of usual business hours. Search Consultants are also never simply recruiting for only one role or working with only one employer. Instead, they are often juggling a huge volume of clients, positions and executive candidates.

They key to working with Search Consultants is to be patient – they will get in touch with you, particularly if they are making progress with your application. In the meantime, consider expanding your opportunities elsewhere or doing some networking of your own.

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