Executive Work – Life Balance – How Do You Achieve It?

work life balanceAlong with higher salaries and increased company benefits, finding employment that offers a work-life balance is one of the top desires for working Australians this year.

But obtaining that ideal work-life balance is not always simple or feasible.


Under all of the pressure of executive employment, how can you achieve a work-life balance without losing a grip on your responsibilities?

Remember Your Priorities

If you are seeking a better work-life balance, you probably have a list of personal aspects in your life that you consider important. But have you lost sight of these? Reminding yourself of your priorities outside of work, such as family, friends or hobbies, can help give you much more focus and perspective when it comes time to approach your work-life strategy.

Be Proactive About It

Achieving a work-life balance is not always simple and it’s not something that happens on its own. We all know that as a busy executive you easily could work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, sacrificing many other areas of your life. Yet if you crave more personal time, it is up to you to proactively manage your hours so that a work-life balance is achieved. Getting into the right mindset and being proactive about creating a work-life balance plan is crucial.

Delegate Your Tasks

If you are an executive, your job description is probably several pages long. But if you do want to reach a work-life balance, it’s important to remember that you can’t do everything alone. Consider off-loading some of your responsibilities or delegating specific tasks to other managers and staff members. This allows you to reduce your workload and also generate a great opportunity for another employee who is keen to take on more responsibility and grow within the company.

Reduce or Change Your Hours

Reducing your work hours is the most ideal way to enhance your work-life balance and you can come up with various ways of doing this. You might want to make a resolution to be out the door by 7pm everyday or you could put a rule in place where you finish by 5pm each Friday.

Alternatively, if you can’t cut back your hours, consider changing your hours to better suit your work-life balance needs.

Work From Home

As an executive, many organisations will ideally give you the flexibility to work from home. Although you’ll still need to work throughout the day, it also gives you the opportunity to spend pockets of time – like a lunch break – doing what you like. It also means that at the end of the day, you can maximise the time you’d ordinarily spent commuting and use this time to give attention to something in your personal life.

Use Your Leave

How many leave days have you built up over the course of your career? You’ll likely have many days up your sleeve and taking these regularly throughout the year (rather than in one, big hit) can enhance your work-life balance substantially.

Force Yourself to Take a Lunch Break

Lunch breaks are a great time to implement a better work-life balance. You can utilise lunch breaks to meet up with a partner or friend, eat out with a colleague or head to the gym. Consider how you can better utilise your lunch break for ‘non work’ activities. If you eat lunch at your desk or skip lunch, you’ll need to force yourself to take a break – even if it is only for one or two days a week.

Start small

Your perfect work-life balance structure isn’t going to happen overnight. If you are concerned about how changes to the structure or routine of your work day will affect your success, start small and simply change one thing at a time. If you’re still stuck, make a list of the things you feel comfortable changing immediately and implement these first.

Need more of a balance? Resumes Australia provides tailored career coaching services that can help you achieve a more fulfilling work-life balance and a more satisfying career and life overall.

Good luck!
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