5 Social Media Mistakes That Will Kill Your Job Search

social mediaIn the last five years, social media has significantly altered the job seeking and recruitment landscape.

Executive job hunters now have a much better chance of connecting with industry leaders and participating in online activities that can ultimately enhance their careers.


Yet while social media sites are considered to be beneficial to job seekers, there are instances when social media can lead to rejected resumes and lost opportunities, which can ultimately affect your chances of employment. Here is best advice for avoiding these social media blunders:

1. Avoid Inappropriate Content

When employers check your social media profiles, they are looking for clues about your personality that will help them decide whether or not you are the ideal candidate for their company. While your profile on LinkedIn should be useful, platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be harmful if inappropriate content (photographs, posts, comments) exists on your profile. While these are only meant to be shared between friends, they can harm your chances of employment significantly if viewed by a prospective employer or recruiter.

To avoid this social media blunder, you should either avoid sharing inappropriate messages or pictures via your profile or set your profile to ‘private’ rather than ‘public,’ so that prospective employers can’t gain access to it. In addition, you may wish to set up a second profile for yourself that is purely professional.

2. Complete Your Profiles

Keeping your personal profiles updated regularly is essential in contributing to your overall professional brand. When it comes to more professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn, failing to update or complete your social media profile can also create a negative impression with employers and recruiters.

It shows that you don’t complete tasks when you start them and that you don’t consider the social media platform to be worthy of your time and effort. This can be detrimental in your job search, especially when so many employers use social media to verify information and connect with job seekers.

3. Write Engaging Content

Consistent and well-written content on social media sites is also expected these days. No matter how comprehensive your content is, grammatical errors or discrepancies in information will leave employers assuming that you are sloppy in your work and that you don’t pay attention to detail.

Both resume writing and profile writing should be given your utmost time and dedication, especially if you are searching for work. If your resume writing skills are not up to scratch, consider utilising a professional resume writing service who can write your profile for you.

4. Sharing Thoughts & Opinions

Participating in social media groups and discussions is a fantastic way to make new connections and improve your professional standing. Yet if your opinions are too strong, one-sided or even biased, you may find yourself alienating potential employers. While it’s great to be passionate about many things, my best advice to those sharing their viewpoints on social media sites is to remain professional at all times. Unethical, ignorant or slanderous comments can ruin your chances of employment on the spot.

5. Badmouthing Employers

Badmouthing their past or present employers is one of the biggest mistakes many job seekers and even current employees make on the social media scene. Negative comments about your company in general or any of your colleagues or bosses should be avoided at all times. This tells a prospective employer that you lack integrity and professionalism and that you don’t respect others around you. Although venting can be useful, make sure that any complaints you have about your past employment are shared in confidence with someone you trust – and not online.

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