Changing Jobs, Is It Right For Your Career?

changing careersEvery career needs stability, whether you are in a CEO role or simply your first graduate position. However, there will be times throughout your career when a job change is needed, possibly because your current role is not fulfilling your requirements or because you are simply striving for more.

But how do you know if jumping ship and changing jobs is the right move for your carer overall?

Career Goals

Your career goals will be instrumental in shaping your career and helping you decide what type of experience you need to achieve your objectives. Your present position must offer you something that progresses your journey, whether it is the chance to develop a specific skill set, more experience, further education or the possibility of promotion or growth. If your everyday role is no longer contributing to your greater career goal, changing jobs may be more beneficial than staying where you are.

Your Skills and Strengths Are Under Utilised

Using your strengths and skills in your day-to-day job is essential for job satisfaction. It is also crucial for your productivity and career progression, since your strengths will be key in forwarding your success. If you find that your strengths or skills aren’t being utilised in your current role, you could consider taking on new responsibilities that allow you to use these skills. However, if there isn’t any room for your skills to develop or be utilised regularly, it could be a sign that you’re in the wrong role altogether.

No Room to Grow

Some businesses are often limited in what they can offer employees; they can only grant so much career development (at least in the foreseeable future) before a maximum level is reached. This can particularly apply to employees in smaller businesses or even large, corporate companies where progression is not likely. If you find yourself in an organisation where there is limited space for growth, promotion or development, a job change is likely needed if you want to take that next career step.

Your Needs Have Changed

External factors can also influence your decision about whether or not to change jobs. You might want find yourself in a situation where more money is needed (e.g. if you buy a house or have children) or you may have developed new career aspirations that now need implementing. Whatever changes are affecting your life, you’ll need to consider whether your current job is fulfilling your needs and if a job change has the potential to meet your new requirements.

You Hate Going To Work

Enjoyment in any job role can be like a rollercoaster; it has its ups and downs. But being unhappy or unfulfilled on a daily is a clear sign that your job is not giving you any satisfaction. This can breed stress, anxiety and unhappiness and it also means that you are holding your career back from making any real progress. The best solution here, if you can’t find any areas of satisfaction in your role, may be to change jobs. You could choose to simply move roles within the same company or find a new employer altogether.

You Are Constantly Frustrated

Frustration can be a common aspect of any job, but having ambitious plans and ideas that you don’t have the tools, resources or support to effectively implement can create much on-the-job frustration. Other frustration-fuelling issues include being under-appreciated, working with difficult colleagues or feeling mismatched in terms of culture or values. While these may not be enough to warrant a job change, you’ll need to weigh up whether finding new employment may be better and more rewarding for your career.

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