Company Perks That Can Enhance Your Career

company perksToday, many job hunters want much more than a simple salary boost or a good retirement package from their employers.

Overall happiness and a work-life balance are at the forefront of executive demands these days, and top employers are responding by offering additional perks and benefits to attract and retain top talent.


If you are searching for a new job, keep your eyes out for some of these amazing perks that could make a real difference to your job and your career:

Day Care Programs

With the new parental leave benefits recently announced for hardworking executives, many corporate organisations are recognising the need to be ‘family friendly.’ Providing in-house Day Care Programs for parents is one of the biggest ways that companies seek to retain their valued employees full-time or even part-time even after they have made the decision to have children. This is a great perk to look out for if you’ve got young kids or if you are looking to have children in the future!

Work Flexibility

Many employers are also conceding to executives’ demands for more flexible work arrangements. This could include the chance to work from home on a regular basis or opportunities to start or finish the workday either earlier or later. This gives employers the chance to attract a wider net of quality employees who may have family commitments to take on or who don’t want a long commute to and from work each day – and who otherwise wouldn’t consider joining the company without some flexibility. Most organisations, however, may not advertise or promote their flexibility, so be sure to ask this when approaching employers or recruiters.

Opportunities for Fitness & Health

Promoting greater health is the key to having happier and more productive staff. For this reason, lots of organisations offer gym memberships and discounts for health and fitness facilities. Sports teams, clubs, lunch time activity classes and access to local recreation facilities are all perks that show how dedicated an employer is to the health of their workforce.

Education & Training

Providing career training and advancement opportunities are perks that prove loyalty to employees by encouraging personal growth within the company. Executives keen to learn and gain further education can look for a position in an organisation that provides instructor-led, web-based or even video-based training, or one that will reimburse your tuition should you pursue advanced training or education at university or another institute.

Company Car

If you have to travel a lot within your job or simply to get to/from your job, a company car is an excellent perk to keep an eye out for. This can both maximise your time and productivity and it will also save you money since you won’t need to pay for your own vehicle. If you are having trouble negotiating the kind of salary you want with a new employer, asking for a company car instead may be a great compromise that benefits both parties.

Private Health Care

In Australia, health care costs seems to be endlessly on the rise and yet many executives consider comprehensive health care essential to their wellbeing. You may find that many larger, corporate organisations will offer healthcare cover for their employees (and in some cases, their families, too) or they will provide a monthly benefit to help pay for your private health care. If you are trying to negotiate with an employer over salary, health care benefits can be a great perk to ask for as well.

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is often limited to corporate organisations, but this can be a great perk, as you will get to share a percentage of the company’s profits, which can be a nice little bonus to complement your job.


It’s important to remember that work isn’t all about sitting at a desk, too. Lots of great friends and valuable contacts can be made on the job – and often, these come to fruition through socialising. If you love the idea of being part of a team or community, look for organisational perks that include social clubs or activities. It might be as simple as monthly company lunches or organised team days off-site.

Taking control of every aspect of your career is essential in achieving success fulfilment. Resumes Australia provides leading career services, such as career coaching and resume writing, to help your career flourish.

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