Resume Writing for the Unemployed

unemployedTrying to get back into the workforce after you have been unemployed for some time can be challenging.

Employers and search consultants will often want evidence that your skills, strengths and proactivity have been maintained throughout your unemployed period.


When it comes to resume writing for the unemployed, here are some useful ideas on how to account for your down time:

Volunteer Work

Employers like to see that you are striving to remain active while you are unemployed and volunteer work is a great way to fill that gap. You should list any volunteer experience you have taken on, as well as any new skills and responsibilities you have gained. Including any key accomplishments will also be beneficial and demonstrates that you are still motivated and capable of achieving goals.

Consulting Work

Consulting work is a fantastic way to bridge the gap in your resume if you have been providing advice to other businesses during your time off. This will give you the opportunity to showcase your ongoing expertise and knowledge and demonstrate to employers the value you can bring to an organisation.

Temporary Work

Many job applicants also assume that temporary work is not beneficial enough to include in their resume or they worry that it will affect the consistency of their experience. Temporary work, however, can be a useful addition to your resume and shows the employer that you have made efforts to stay within the workforce, even if it has been in a role that is not entirely relevant to your career goals.

Education & Training

Any training, skill enhancement or education that you have undertaken while unemployed should also be mentioned in your resume. Courses, workshops, certifications and conferences are all valuable and mean that you have made the most of your time while unemployed and that you still have a passion for improvement and self-development.

Personal Time

It is perfectly reasonable to be unemployed for personal reasons. This can include time off for things like travel, study or caring for your family and kids. If you mention these factors in your resume, make sure that you make it clear why you decided to embark on these journeys in the first place and why you are now heading back into the workforce.

Other Things to Remember When Resume Writing:

  • Be honest about your unemployment; there is no point in trying to cover up the fact that you are out of work. An employer or recruiter will most probably uncover the truth anyway, so it is important to be upfront and honest in your approach
  • If you are quizzed about how or why your previous role ended, be truthful, but accentuate the positive rather than the negative aspects of what occurred
  • Resume writing can be a difficult balancing act between including just enough detail and not giving too much away. If you are struggling with how to depict your unemployment, consider whether a qualified resume writer could make a difference to your applications

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