Going Global: The Rising Importance of Global Experience

Global Experience When it comes to executive employment and senior-level positions, global experience and expertise is becoming a highly respected talent that many employers – particularly those with an international reach – consider invaluable in new candidates.

Why Go Global?

Global expertise is an emerging talent trend and can be leveraged by many executive job seekers to benefit their careers, salaries and reputation.

Even younger executives and aspiring leaders can begin steering their career strategies towards various roles that reward them with global experience. This initiative can take place by seeking out a brand new position or through opportunities offered through present organisations.

If certain executives are keen on tapping into leadership or high profile companies (such as Fortune 500 organisations), global expertise will be fundamental in forwarding the careers of these executives and enhancing their professional abilities on an international scale.

Global experience brings:

  1. A key understanding of international markets, behaviours and trends
  2. Knowledge of niche markets and how growth can be achieved by leveraging various niche areas
  3. Experience in working with the different concepts and methodologies used in foreign organisations
  4. A competitive advantage for job seekers over other executives who only possess local experience
  5. Increased business acumen
  6. Extended network of contacts that reaches internationally
  7. Other key career opportunities that wouldn’t ordinarily be found in local employment

For Executives Already With Global Experience

Ensure your global experience is highlighted in your professional resume. You should include your key responsibilities while overseas, along with your achievements and outcomes

Also make sure that your resume demonstrates your global expertise, rather than just ‘experience.’ How did your experience develop your international expertise and how can this benefit future organisations you work for?

For Aspiring Executives Looking for Global Experience

  • If you are currently in employment, make it known to your employer that you are interested in global experience or find out where global positions are advertised
  • Make connections with executives who are located in other international offices
  • If you are job seeking, consider setting your sights on a medium-large organisation who has international opportunities available or global offices you could potentially transfer to
  • When attending interviews, point out to employers that you are interested in expanding your experience globally and are willing to travel if necessary
  • If you are ambitious about gaining international experience, consider applying for roles with overseas companies offering sponsorship
  • Learning a second language can also greatly improve your prospects of international employment

Considering going global with your career? Whether you are seeking long term or short term global experience, Resumes Australia can provide you with leading advisory, coaching and resume writing services to help you maximise your international success.


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