5 Ways You Can Make a Difference To Your Company

Make a difference to your companyForwarding and progressing in your career is often of utmost importance; it can mean keeping your resumes up to date, working on your social media profiles, gunning for that next promotion or trying to find ways to attract head hunters and recruiters.

But if you are content where you are, you can still advance your career by staying put and simply finding ways to enhance or grow your present organisation.

1. Go Global

Globalisation is consistently breaking down the barriers between organisations and their customers, both on a local scale and an international one.

If you sit in a top position in your company, one of the ways you can expand is to consider entering into a global market. This might not yet fit in with the company’s greater goals or vision, but presenting the idea in the first instance can open the door to lucrative conversations and opportunities.

This is not a step to be taken lightly, however; you will need to conduct careful planning, develop strong strategies and assess key risks before you open your doors to international clients.

If you can’t simply take your organisation into global water, consider how enhancing your products or services could create more appeal for a global audience or fill a crucial niche in another, overseas market.

2. Implement a Better Procedure

No matter how small or large your organisation is, there are undoubtedly many procedures or processes in place that are not perfect. Improving any of these processes for better efficiency and productivity can make a huge difference to your company.

You’ll need to make sure that you have the authority to change the procedure and if you are working in a larger business, you may need permission or support from various stakeholders before you just go ahead and amend things. If you are successful, however, it will demonstrate a great stroke of initiative – and it’s also a great achievement to put on your resume.

3. Work on Company Morale

Poor productivity, lack of consistent results or low quality outcomes are often all symptoms of poor employee engagement and low company morale. Trying to lift employee morale can be a big and highly involved task, but it can be very rewarding.

You will need to assess what is causing the organisation’s low morale and consider how you are going to approach other executives in the company about the issue.

If you are not in a position to work closely with HR on the matter, consider initiating other measures, such as encouraging better communication between staff or organising social events, like company/department lunches or outings.

4. Encourage Learning

Learning and education is a huge part of any employee’s career and organisations that provide avenues for staff learning consistently produce more loyal, happy and productive employees.

Executives in a managerial role may be able to implement learning systems, organise relevant training days or perhaps even find mentors for their staff. Lower-level employees without this kind of authority can contribute by finding and researching workshops or seminars that will benefit the group as a whole.

5. Give Back to the Community

Of course, not all changes to your organisation have to be directly related to its products, processes or staff. Many companies become involved in community or charity programs in order to give something back to public. This creates a positive image of the company and can also significantly boost employee morale and loyalty.

As a staff member, you can consider making a huge difference to your company in this way. Try taking the initiative and arranging involvement in an ongoing support or volunteer program or organising something simple, like a charity lunch or morning tea.

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