Securing Employment With an ASX 200 Company

NetworkingWhile there are plenty of amazing benefits and perks associated with ASX 200 employers, landing a job with one of Australia’s top organisations can be challenging. Positions can be extremely competitive (and sometimes rare) and ASX employers are often highly stringent when it comes to candidate selection.

How do you get your foot in the door of your ideal ASX organisation? And what else can you do to enhance your executive search strategies and increase your chances of success?

Build Strong Relationships

The ASX 200 job market is saturated with capable executives, which is why you may need help from your networks to get your foot in the door. Top companies do a lot of hiring from within and rely heavily on recommendations from current employees as well.

To build a network fit for a top company, you must create genuine relationships with the right people who may ultimately be able to impact your career movements. You can network with: industry leaders, peers and colleagues (both current and former), recruitment consultants, head hunters, hiring managers and other executives who presently work in your ideal organisations.

The key to great networking is to target the right people, be professional at all times and work consistently on building rapport with other individuals.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Creating a distinct, personal brand is important no matter what type of job you are seeking, and at the ASX 200 level, personal branding is critical.

Branding starts with a solid understanding of what you can offer a company, so decide what makes you valuable and work on highlighting the unique abilities and talents that put you one step above other candidates.

If you have your heart set on an ASX role, you may also choose to customise or direct your brand and image so that it is more suitable for the ASX space. For instance, if you are an avid blog writer, you may want to focus your content on issues that openly relate to public organisations and/or stock market trends, as well as other industry-specific topics.

Your personal brand should be evident in every space that relates to you professionally, whether online or offline. Branding the right way can get you noticed by key leaders and other industry experts who work in ASX organisations – and in some cases, it means they will come to seek you out, rather than the other way around.

Capitalise On Graduate and Internship Positions

If you are a graduate or a younger executive, it can be comforting to know that ASX 200 companies are well known for offering young candidates job opportunities via graduate programs and internships. This can be an ideal way to get into an ASX organisation, especially if you lack executive experience.

These types of roles allow you to establish your value to a company and showcase your skills, which will ideally lead to a paid position. At the very least, you’ll have frequent opportunities to network with other executives in the company and if you are not successful in obtaining fulltime employment, your experience will still look fantastic on your executive resume.

Stand Out On Paper

There is a lot more to landing an ASX 200 job than simply networking and job searching. The most significant element of any career is your documentation; this can include resumes, CVs, online profiles, biographies and references.

Even if you make great connections, these contacts will most likely ask to see your resume if an opportunity arises, so it is vital that you are prepared and that your documentation is impressive and professionally written. Imagine the disappointment of finding an ASX opportunity, only to be told, upon viewing your resume, that your experience and talent is not enough.

Many candidates choose to work with an executive career coach or an expert resume writer at this point, simply because they realise the value of standing out on paper at the ASX 200 employment level. Without the right representation of your competencies, you will find it difficult to convert your opportunities into real-world achievements and positions. Remember, the more brilliant your resume and accompanying documents, the more you will convince employers that you are the right person for an ASX 200 role.

Are you looking for an ASX 200 role? Learn more about ASX organisations here or contact Resumes Australia for assistance with executive career strategy, resume writing and development or interview preparation.


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