4 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Brand Online


personal online brandOnce upon a time, the job search industry was very much based on resumes and paperwork. You sent off your application and if all looked good, you probably received a call from the recruiter or employer asking you to come in for an interview. 

Today, job searching is about much more than that. While resumes and other documents are still very important, your personal brand and image has come to play a much more crucial role in how you are seen by others in your industry, including colleagues, competitors and employers. 

This is largely in thanks to social media and the world of the web, which have both made candidate information much more accessible beyond a piece of paper. Now, instead of simply relying on paperwork, search consultants, head hunters and hiring managers can all peruse your various profiles online and gain more of an insight into who you are as professional and what you can offer a company.   

1) Actively Promote Your Value Proposition 

As I recently discussed in this blog post, your Value Proposition is central to your personal brand. It summarises who you are, what value you can bring to an organisation and how you do it. It is also the one, encapsulating phrase that communicates your expertise and tells others what you are known for in the industry. 

Once you have developed your Value Proposition, promoting it is key. You should ensure that your Value Proposition is a prominent and visible part of everything that exists about you, from your Twitter bio and your LinkedIn profile to your resumes and cover letters.

If you don’t want your Value Proposition to sound repetitive, consider tweaking it a little to suit each of your different platforms and target audiences. 

2) Update Your Profiles

Your online profiles are one of the most visible documents that recruiters and employers often see when reviewing your competencies for a role. For this reason, it is vital that you keep your profiles up to date; you will no doubt always be gaining new skills, so adding these to your profiles will ensure they are relevant and fresh. 

One of the best ways to make your profiles stand out, however, is to ensure they reflect both your Value Proposition and your Unique Selling Points. What is original and innovative about what you offer as a candidate? What can you bring to a company that others can’t? 

Try to make your profiles as exclusive and as engaging as possible so that they will appeal to employers and show them that you can compete against other talent.  

3) Get Published 

Your views and opinions – alongside your expertise – is often what can define you in the marketplace. 

Publishing your thoughts and ideas, whether via a blog, a guest blog or a professional publication, can help to strengthen your brand and showcase your expertise to others in the industry.

It also gives you professional and relevant content to share on your social profiles. 

4) Become Socially Active

If you have shunned social media to date, whether you don’t believe in it or because you’re ‘too busy’, it’s time to change your ways and get socially active. Focus on making connections, expanding your networks and interacting with groups and forums.

Social media plays a huge part in personal branding and is yet another way in which you can show employers that you are keeping up with technology – as well as with other movements, trends and issues that are relevant to your industry.

To start with, make sure you at least have a profile on LinkedIn and perhaps Twitter, and only share thoughts that are completely professional and that are aligned with your brand. 

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