How to Not Get Emotional Job Hunting

right employerBeing out of work is hard, no matter how you look at it, and it only becomes that much harder as time goes on. Facing constant rejection is an increasingly demoralising state to be in, so much more so if that rejection comes in the form of not even being granted interviews. For most people, the time spent out of work while searching for a new position is frustrating and scary. So how do you continue to get up each day to search for work, without letting the lack of perceivable options bring you down?

Look for Silver Linings

Work hard to seek out silver linings to your job search. Has it allowed you more time with your family? Or are you able to engage in hobbies you previously let slip away? Focusing on the benefits to being out of work can help to keep the drawbacks from becoming too overwhelming. Along those same lines, take the time to truly evaluate not only your past work history, but also your current options. When you don’t get the call back for a job you have applied for, consider whether it was really the right job for you in the first place. Do you love what you have been doing all these years, or has it simply become a means to an end? If the answer is the latter, perhaps now is the time to consider a career change. Look into assistance for continued education and embrace any opportunities being out of work may currently present you with. Shift your focus to finding a career that is the right fit for you, not just any job to pay the bills with.

Spend Time Away From the Hunt

As counterintuitive as it may sound, particularly at the height of a job search, taking some time away from looking can help you to reassess your priorities. Allocate a certain amount of time each day to interviews and applications, and after that – shift your focus to spending time with loved ones and taking part in activities you previously enjoyed but were often too busy for. Remind yourself of the many blessings in your life you are grateful for, all while continuing to hold out hope for the right job opportunity to present itself soon. Allowing yourself to become obsessed with the job search will only increase your anxiety, so remember to take a step back every day and enjoy some of what you do have going for you.

Get Out and Volunteer

Unfortunately, there will always be someone in the world worse off than you are. Occasionally, that is a reminder we could all use. Set aside a few hours every week to participate in some sort of volunteer work. Not only is this a great networking opportunity for you, but it will also provide an outlet for your jobs skills and give you the reminder you need that things could always be worse. Shifting your focus towards helping others a few hours a week can give you the change of perspective you need.

Keep Networking

Holding on to hope comes more naturally if you continue to tap into your connections. Interfacing with former colleagues and friends in career paths you might be interested in will help you to keep an eye on up and coming opportunities. It also means that there will be others looking out for you, putting in a good word when the chance arises. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and make a point of attending potential networking functions you may be invited to. Who knows what opportunities may come your way if you allow those doors to remain open.

Good luck!


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