How to Access the Invisible Job Market

Invisible job marketThere is an obsession that goes hand in hand with a job search. You check and re-check the same company websites for new job postings daily. You know who is hiring and for what, and you submit applications to all potential openings that suit your line of work. So when you hear about a position being filled at your dream company, you immediately wonder how you could have possibly missed the posting. The reality might just be that you didn’t miss it, because it was never posted at all; a commodity of the invisible job market, recruited for and filled without any public notice. Now that you realise such a market exists, how do you tap into it for yourself?

Know the People who Matter

Take the time to consider the organisations you are most interested in working for, and then make it your mission to connect with people within those organisations. Start with social networking, using LinkedIn to reach out to anyone who might have inside knowledge about new positions opening up. Then extend beyond the social network, making those connections in person by bringing a resume directly to hiring managers during business hours. Take the initiative to introduce yourself and express your interest in working for the company. Follow up every few months or so to keep your name relevant and to continue expressing your interest. Avoid coming off as pushy by keeping interactions short and sweet, but remain confident and genuine in your desire to become a part of the organisations you are most interested in.

Appeal to Recruiters

Research the most frequently used recruiters in your area and set up meetings with them to introduce yourself. Oftentimes companies may rely on a well-known recruiter for jobs that are higher up rather than ever submitting a public posting. This is because the recruiters make it their business to know the top talents in the area, eliminating much of the need for vetting and sifting through unqualified applicants on the part of the corporation. If you endear yourself to the recruiters and make sure they know what you are capable of, they will absolutely think of you if something in your line of work comes across their desks.

Start Anywhere

Don’t be afraid to start at a lower level of an organisation you are truly interested in working for. If there are opportunities for internships or lower level positions, take them. Often, organisations advertise upcoming openings within their current workforce before ever putting out a public call for applicants. This allows companies to encourage hiring from within, giving you the opportunity to move up to a position more fitting of your background if you are privy to it from the inside. Never accept a job under the pretense of wanting to remain there long-term, but instead make it clear you are hoping to find a stepping stone within the organisation. If there is a possibility to move up eventually, most interviewers and hiring managers will let you know from the start.

Build Your Reputation

The true key to utilising the invisible job market to your benefit, is first building your professional reputation. Many of the jobs filled prior to being publically posted go to applicants who benefited from word of mouth. By making a name for yourself and constantly expanding your social network, you are opening yourself up to opportunities you never otherwise may have had. Focus on mastering specialised skills and continuing your education while also working hard and being a team player. If you build a positive professional reputation, the invisible job market will open right up for you.

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