Why You Didn’t Get a Response to Your Job Application

executive career coachingMost recruiters receive more applications than they know what to do with, for every job they are looking to fill. When you are the one taking the time to apply, it would be nice to think you would get some sort of response for your efforts – even if it is simply a ‘thanks but no thanks’ to let you know the company has decided to go a different direction. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, mostly due to time constraints. However here are other reasons why recruiters don’t get back to everybody:

You Didn’t Do Your Research

Personalising your cover letter can go a long way in grabbing a recruiter’s interest. If you are able to show you did research on the organisation and position available, you increase your chances of being contacted. On the other hand, if you put together an application that is similar to what you could submit to a hundred other jobs, you might be missing an opportunity to make an impression. When a recruiter feels as though you don’t want a job badly enough to do a little research, it reflects poorly on the kind of employee you could be down the line.

You Weren’t the Right Fit

Sometimes it really is that simple – you just didn’t have what they were looking for. That isn’t necessarily a reflection on you. They may have someone else in mind, or have decided to hire from within. There also may be just one small aspect that they are specifically looking for – a specialised education or skill – which you don’t possess. Sometimes the most important part of a new position isn’t always made completely clear in a job description, but they know what they are looking for when they see it. If you aren’t it, you probably won’t hear back from them.

Your Opening Pitch Reads Like a Resume

Your cover letter should sell you, but not in the same way a resume does. Recruiters don’t want to see a long list of your accomplishments and skills; they want to know how those accomplishments and skills directly apply to the position they are looking to fill. What is it that makes you special? Why should they consider you above anyone else? These are the things they want you to convey to in your cover letter, or in the e-mail you compose to send with your application. You should be trying to hook the recruiter in with that opening pitch, not simply regurgitating the information they will find on your resume.

You Didn’t Take the Time

If your cover letter and resume are consumed by grammatical and spelling errors, it will be quickly discarded. That should be common knowledge, but it is something that occurs so often in applications. Another reason is if you failed to follow simple instructions, it says that you don’t care enough about this position for the recruiter to give you any consideration at all. Every once in a while recruiters receive an application addressed to another company entirely, and it becomes immediately clear that a generic cover letter was used without the time being spent to even swap out company names. Mistakes like this will land your application at the bottom of my pile, because they have no interest in wasting time on someone who couldn’t be bothered to put a little effort in.

At the end of the day, that really is what it all comes down to: time. If you don’t have the time to make sure your application is ready for a particulr job, than a recruiter probably won’t find the time to give you a call.

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