Tips to Securing a Role in a New Country

Global ExperienceWhen you were younger, you probably dreamed about traveling abroad and seeking out new adventures. For many people, starting a career means letting go of those dreams of living overseas. It doesn’t have to though, as there are plenty of jobs available in other countries for those who have the skills and are willing to take big leaps. If you think you have what it takes to work abroad, here are a few tips for securing those roles in the destinations you’d love to visit.

Look Internally

Start by finding out if there are any positions available abroad within your current corporation, or if there are any plans for expansion in the future. International companies often funnel talent from within to the locations where their more adventurous employees could be best utilised. Expansion abroad is also becoming more popular, and it is possible that even if your company doesn’t have hubs out of the country, they may have connections and business partnerships with those who do. Approach your supervisor and human resources team about opportunities which may be available, expressing your interest in seeing another part of the world while continuing to contribute to the corporation as a whole.

Research International Companies

Look for companies with branches locally that also have an international presence. If you can get in for an interview with hiring managers nearby, while expressing your interest in going abroad, they might be able to help you get a foot in the door. This can be a successful place to start, as it becomes slightly more difficult to sell yourself to hiring managers located across the ocean. Most international companies will post the job opportunities they have at each of their locations online, allowing you to get a feel for what they have available and where you might be able to relocate. Submit a resume and cover letter letting the local recruiters and international corporations know that you are open to heading abroad for work. You might get lucky and come across a company looking for someone just like you to send out internationally.

Use the Internet

Look for the top hiring databases and job search engines in the country you hope to move to. The internet can be your best friend in this process, as the databases used locally likely aren’t the same as those used in other countries. Remember that most countries aren’t going to want to relocate someone who has skills and abilities which are easy enough to find in local applicants. You have to have something special to add for them to want to give you a chance. Pay attention to the postings which seem most urgent or the job titles which appear most frequently. Often having advanced technical skills or previous international managerial experience can help to set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Consider what you have to offer, and present yourself to hiring managers with a resume and cover letter too strong for them to ignore.

Consider the Logistics

Target countries where you are already primed to adjust well. If you speak a foreign language or have been immersed in another culture previously, those should be the areas where you focus your job search. Most hiring managers are going to want to trust that whoever they bring aboard will be committed to staying for at least several years, so be sure you are prepared for that kind of move. Research what is required in terms of work visas and permits, and then approach companies that have a track record of helping potential employees to secure those items. Some countries have requirements which are easier to meet than others; details which you should keep in mind as you seek out the perfect job abroad.


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