3 Day Count-Down to Your Interview: What you Should be Doing

shutterstock_99259712You have been on the search for a new and fulfilling career for a while now, and recently you saw an opening for a job you know you would be perfect for. You scoured the job description and diligently targeted your cover letter and resume to catch the hiring manager’s attention. Your eye for detail has paid off, and you are now three days away from that first interview. How should you prepare so that you can give the best impression possible?

Study the Company

Get online and learn everything you can about the company. You want to find out about their core philosophies and goals for the future. Read through any recent reports they may have released, and check to see if they have made the news in any capacity over the last year. Pay attention to the other companies they may align themselves with, as well as ways they have become involved in the local community. If you can, try to get a feel for their corporate culture, including ways they show their appreciation to employees and how much they value a work/life balance. All of these things can come in handy during an interview, allowing the hiring manager to see that you have done your research. Try to find a few aspects to remark on, expressing how impressed you are by what you have learned.

Review the Job Description

Yes, you already looked over the job description when you first applied, but now you will want to commit those details to memory. Throughout the interview you will have many opportunities to show the hiring manager you are exactly what they are looking for, but you have to know what they are looking for first. If there are some key skills and abilities which seem to come up multiple times in the job description, make it clear that you possess those traits which seem so important to this role. Think up some questions you can ask about the position as well. Not about the benefits, but about the type of person they are specifically looking for and how you could better fit that mould.


Now is the time to go through a few dry run interviews, making sure you are ready to answer any questions which may come up with composure and confidence. Compile a list of typical interview questions and ask a friend or family member to help you practice. Treat this as you would a real interview, not allowing yourself to fall out of character or lose focus. If you don’t answer a question in the way you would have liked to, come back to it later and practice your response again and again until it feels right. Have your faux interviewer throw in a few unexpected questions as well, even if they don’t necessarily pertain to your ability to complete the job. This can help you prepare for any surprises which may come up during the actual interview.

Check out the Location

Save yourself some stress by heading to the interview location a day or two early. Pay attention to any traffic congestion which you may need to plan for on the day, and drive around the parking lot a few times to get a better idea of exactly where you need to go. This can also be the perfect time to get a feel for the new office you may be working at. Scope out local eateries and assess employees as they walk in and out of the building. You can take in the corporate culture by making these pre-emptive visits, and if the current employees are all dressed to the upmost level of professionalism, this can also give you an idea of how to present yourself on interview day. 

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