What to do When you Feel ‘Stuck’ in Your Career

Make a difference to your companyAs the New Year dawns, there is an expected lull which many people begin to experience. You feel as though you have mastered your duties up to this point and aren’t entirely sure what comes next, or even if you want to remain on your current career path. Unfortunately, after dedicating the time and effort to getting to where you are now, going a different direction can sometimes be an overwhelming and scary prospect; leaving you to feel stuck and as though you no longer have any other options. The reality, however, is that you always have options, as long as you first know what you want.

Consider What You Want

Spend time over the New Year break thinking about what would make you happy this year and beyond. What have you enjoyed about your career up to now, and what hasn’t worked for you in the past? If money and education are no object, what would your dream job be? You may not necessarily be able to attain that (after all, not everyone can just pick up and be a professional athlete), but understanding more about your ideal career can help you to ascertain what other paths would also make you happy. Think long and hard about what you would need to do in order to have career fulfillment, and make a list of what it is you are looking for.

Ask for What You Want

Start by approaching your supervisors with your concerns and asking for what you might need to feel more fulfilled. If you haven’t felt challenged in your current job in a while, enquire about new opportunities within your corporation and ways you can begin to cross train. Let your management know that you are looking for a chance to continue contributing in new and exciting ways, and approach those within your corporation that you look up to about mentorship possibilities. Reach out to your network as well and spread the word that you might be looking to pursue a new career path. Perhaps they may have suggestions about openings which would be more appealing to you.

Reach for What You Want

Take stock of what you might need to expand your career horizons, and begin taking steps to reach those goals. Sign up for night classes if you need an additional degree, and begin shadowing those who are currently in positions you think you would enjoy. Check with your company about continued education reimbursement programs, as well as any mentorship opportunities which may be available to you. Pursue certifications that can help you to advance, and strive to set yourself apart in the current workforce by building on your experience and reputation. Set your sights on where you want to be, and then create a detailed and obtainable plan for getting there.

Remember What You Want

No matter how stuck you feel, there are ways to reach for something more. Don’t allow yourself to feel trapped, and instead remind yourself that other dreams are within your reach. It can become easy to get sucked into the boring daily routine of a job you have occupied for several years or longer. Avoid allowing those feelings of being stuck to take over by reminding yourself of the plans you have made for pursuing other dreams. Remember what you want, and exactly how you intend on getting there. Returning to these goals when the walls begin to feel as though they are caving in can help you to re-focus and continue looking forward. Even if your opportunity to take a leap and try something new is still a couple of months away, simply reminding yourself of what you are working towards can help to make everything else feel slightly less claustrophobic.

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