LinkedIn News – Volunteer Work Makes You More Employable!

linkedin profileAnnounced this week by LinkedIn, you can now add your volunteerwork,and the causes you are most passionate about, to support your LinkedIn profile.

You may be thinking that your volunteer contributions are irrelevant to job search or that this new LinkedIn feature is pretty small in the grand scheme of Social Media job networking? Read more of this post

Power Your Career with LinkedIn

linkedin profileOne of the most rewarding aspects of my job as an Executive Career Coach is helping people reach their full potential. So often candidates are on the verge of success but don’t have the background or know-how to showcase their skills and abilities in a way that is relevant to today’s tough job market.

Relationship building is the most relevant way to explore the many career choices and opportunities available to you. There are now over 100 million professionals who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and career opportunities, giving you access to the largest audience of influential professionals worldwide.

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New LinkedIn Job Search Feature

linkedinWell, I am truly amazed how fast Social Media is taking off and changing the recruitment landscape. Last week LinkedIn became more powerful and a whole lot smarter for candidates, job seekers and recruiters with their new web plug-in “Apply with LinkedIn”.

If you are hunting for a job on the web, you can now click the “Apply With LinkedIn” button on the website of the prospective employer to apply for a position using your LinkedIn profile. A screen will then display asking you if you wish to edit any of the fields in your profile and a cover letter can be uploaded.

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Take Action and Build a Rewarding Career

Australians work some of the longest hours in the western world, spending an average of 1855 hours at work each year, which is 200 hours more than employees in other countries, according to a study by the Australia Institute (2009).

Do you wake up in the morning and think “I’m in a rewarding and satisfying job, I love it AND I want to be in the office today?” Most of us do not want the “happy genes” on an hourly basis however it is important to make work time ‘quality time’.

1.    Career development planning. We all need to spend time reflecting career direction. Investing time to plan your career on a regular basis will help you to control your direction, and measure your progress or results.

Ask yourself :

•    What are my long-term career objectives?
•    What do I want to get out of my job in the next five years or so?
•    Do I need to study, if so, what for?
•    What are my individual priorities?

2.    Have you overstayed your job? If there’s no opportunity to develop your career with your current employer, try welcoming change – see it as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to grow. Sometimes avoiding change, because life is more comfortable and familiar remaining stagnant, can lead to dissatisfaction – embracing a new career could be the answer to job satisfaction and a new life.

3.    Professional development. Your career and life goals are far too important to be just wishes. A mismanaged career can derail your life goals. Investing in yourself dramatically increases the probability of achieving your goals and is a real demonstration of your commitment to achieving them.

4.    Targeting jobs for the future. A random job search strategy is a sure way to an unsatisfying career.  Don’t settle for any opportunity that comes your way. Think about where the job will take you in relation to your long-term and short-term career goals. If your long-term goal is to be the Managing Director or CEO, what short-term goals should you pursue to get there?

5.    Get ready for change. Being prepared, and ready to make a career change, starts with building your brand with a career communications plan for executive job search.  Start with an executive resume, biography and LinkedIn profile. The need for a stand out resume is obvious and, by now, most executives know they need a strong LinkedIn profile to leverage their network for future job prospects.

Resumes Australia has helped thousands of business professionals like you succeed with a satisfying and rewarding career. We have the best resume writers in the country when it comes to your Resume and LinkedIn profile. To find out more, visit our Online Shop.


How To Write A Killer LinkedIn Profile

LinkedInHaving a good quality LinkedIn profile is as important these days as having a good quality resume. In fact, I think it is more important to have a quality LinkedIn profile especially if you want to tap into the unadvertised job market for those top job opportunities.

Employers, HR managers, headhunters and recruiters use LinkedIn to help identify top quality candidates. Technology developments in the HR & Recruitment industry mean that many recruiters now have the ability to import your LinkedIn profile into their talent database, so your profile needs to be presented well.

There are 4 key elements to writing a killer LinkedIn profile and this will dictate where you show up in the search engine, determine how many views you get and ultimately it will dictate how many approaches you receive based on your online profile. The key elements are a combination of an excellent headline, the number of contacts that you have, the number of recommendations you have and the content within the profile itself. Key words within your profile are also very important.

I strongly recommend that your LinkedIn profile needs to be developed in conjunction with your resume, as these two important profiles need to compliment and support each other when you are considering making a career move. Many employers will use LinkedIn to verify aspects of your resume and there is a growing trend towards approaching candidates that have a LinkedIn profile with recommendations.

Don’t miss out on a fabulous opportunity. Embrace LinkedIn and use the tool to enhance and protect your online brand. Consider getting a professional LinkedIn profile writer to update your LinkedIn profile and professional resume, to help you attract business leads and new career opportunities. I offer an exclusive LinkedIn Profile writing service designed to get you noticed and appearing in all the right places!


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