Is Facebook Set to Reshape the Employment Scene?

facebookOnce upon a time Facebook was considered a personal “play tool” to keep you up-to-date with friends and activities. It was initially viewed as a huge distraction, and a big time waster! Taking a closer look at the world of internet popularity, Facebook now comes in at second place to Google. With over 800 million users, Facebook is no longer a social utility that connects people with friends, it is also about connecting people to work.

While many people say LinkedIn is the first choice for social-media job searches, Facebook members are also finding huge success.

Some of the biggest companies and recruitment agencies now use Facebook to tap into the job market and engage new talent. Millions of people are now also using Facebook as part of their job search strategy to follow companies they are interested in working for.

Getting the Most out of Your Facebook Job Strategy

Here are my top Facebook strategies to help you get the best results in your job search:

1.    Spread the word to your Facebook connections. If you’re searching for new job opportunities, don’t be afraid to ask your Facebook friends if they know of any roles, or if they can refer you to a recruiter or hiring manager.

2.    Expand your social networks with LinkedIn and Facebook. Make sure you edit your profile on Facebook to include as much information as possible, and also ensure your LinkedIn profile is current.

3.    Be careful with your privacy settings. Remember that employers do look on Facebook and they will find out more about you. They will also make a judgement based on the image that you portray. If you’re using Facebook for your family and friends only, then make your profile completely private, and create a new profile or page for your professional image. If you are using Facebook to attract recruiters and hiring managers, be careful what you post, and ensure that employers can only locate your professional page!

4.    Join Facebook groups related to your career.

Follow groups and share information. Look for job search resources.

How Up-to-date Is your Corporate Profile and Resume?

Whether you are looking for work on Facebook or LinkedIn, embrace these social media tools, and consider getting a professional writer to update your profile, professional resume and cover letter. Resumes Australia can help you to attract new career opportunities. Our exclusive LinkedIn Profile writing service is designed to get you noticed. Once you have this completed, you can use snippets of it elsewhere so that you maintain a consistent and professional profile online.


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Power Your Career with LinkedIn

linkedin profileOne of the most rewarding aspects of my job as an Executive Career Coach is helping people reach their full potential. So often candidates are on the verge of success but don’t have the background or know-how to showcase their skills and abilities in a way that is relevant to today’s tough job market.

Relationship building is the most relevant way to explore the many career choices and opportunities available to you. There are now over 100 million professionals who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and career opportunities, giving you access to the largest audience of influential professionals worldwide.

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How To Write A Killer LinkedIn Profile

LinkedInHaving a good quality LinkedIn profile is as important these days as having a good quality resume. In fact, I think it is more important to have a quality LinkedIn profile especially if you want to tap into the unadvertised job market for those top job opportunities.

Employers, HR managers, headhunters and recruiters use LinkedIn to help identify top quality candidates. Technology developments in the HR & Recruitment industry mean that many recruiters now have the ability to import your LinkedIn profile into their talent database, so your profile needs to be presented well.

There are 4 key elements to writing a killer LinkedIn profile and this will dictate where you show up in the search engine, determine how many views you get and ultimately it will dictate how many approaches you receive based on your online profile. The key elements are a combination of an excellent headline, the number of contacts that you have, the number of recommendations you have and the content within the profile itself. Key words within your profile are also very important.

I strongly recommend that your LinkedIn profile needs to be developed in conjunction with your resume, as these two important profiles need to compliment and support each other when you are considering making a career move. Many employers will use LinkedIn to verify aspects of your resume and there is a growing trend towards approaching candidates that have a LinkedIn profile with recommendations.

Don’t miss out on a fabulous opportunity. Embrace LinkedIn and use the tool to enhance and protect your online brand. Consider getting a professional LinkedIn profile writer to update your LinkedIn profile and professional resume, to help you attract business leads and new career opportunities. I offer an exclusive LinkedIn Profile writing service designed to get you noticed and appearing in all the right places!


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